Woodmanstern Primary

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Hear My story 

‘Hear My Story’ is an exciting art project created by Tate Gallery and is a celebration of everything that makes us special. Woodmansterne will be taking part throughout the year. The project has been split up into four parts and next Friday (12th Feb) children will be introduced to part one - ‘What makes you, you?’. They will be invited to participate in fun activities to help them think about what they enjoy, their favourite music, objects, activities, family history and culture. For example, in Nursery children will be creating a ‘star collage’ all about themselves. Whether children are learning at home or in school we hope to unite everyone by having a creative day. Teachers will be asking you to have a few things ready for the lesson so please look out for this in the home learning.


Click here to find out what makes Mrs write ‘Mrs write’ and look out for more examples from the teachers in Home learning.