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Beyond the Curriculum

Enrichment remains an important part of school life at Woodmansterne when students enter sixth form, and we understand that there is an even greater diversity of interest post-16. Right the way through the school we have tried to ensure that learning goes beyond the immediate classroom environment. We believe that school is a springboard to wider learning and make every effort to ensure that our students have a host of learning memories to take with them when they leave us at the end of their school journey.

All students will participate in weekly enrichment. Be it by volunteering in the local community, pursuing enrichment projects or participating in clubs, we want all students to have access to opportunities to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and explore new interests and strengths. Our enrichment programme is interleaved with careers and further education opportunities, offering students the chance to link the present to the future. As an all-through school we also place great emphasis on students becoming community leaders, supporting younger students through mentoring, running clubs and academic tutoring.

Woodmansterne Sixth Form continues to place great value on the contribution trips and visits can make in broadening horizons and perspectives. Students will be able to pursue and complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme whilst in the Sixth Form and will also have access to a range of subject specific trips both within London and beyond. As part of our careers and support for students beyond the Sixth Form, we continue to seek opportunities for students to visit Universities, ensuring that students can explore their next steps thoroughly.



Black History Month

We had the pleasure of welcoming Akyaaba Addai-Sebo to meet with our Year 12 students to discuss the origins and importance of Black History Month in the UK. Akyaaba's activism has taken him across the UK and throughout Africa, and as one of the leading pioneers of Black History Month in the UK, he was able to inspire our students to move forwards with compassion and understanding for all people.

"Akyaaba spoke about the influences and challenges he went through as a black man receiving discrimination, criticism, racial prejudice and more. It was beneficial as there have been a few incidents recently resulting to racism specifically and how it is still majorly accounted in many parts of the world, so to hear about the impacts and destruction it can cause, was good feedback."

"During his talk, his main evaluation I took from his speech was that to 'see each other as human beings before anything'. This reinforces the fact that any sense of prejudice, discrimination or racism needs to be dissolved to enforce equality among all races and colour of your skin shouldn't define you."


University Fair

On Friday 14th October, Year 12 visited Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the UK University and Apprenticeship Fair. Students visited stalls from around the country to find out what universities such as Leeds, SOAS and Durham had to offer, as well as a broader range of options from the Fashion and Retail Academy, the US Football Scholarship and the London School of Music. Additionally, students attended seminars on Russell Group Universities, UCAS application processes and careers after university. Students left feeling that they had had the opportunity to explore all the options available to them once they finish school.

“I found the trip really helpful in terms of searching for universities and finding out more about what I want to study in the future, the idea of choosing anything seemed daunting at first, however now I feel more confident in making the decision in the future. All the people there were really helpful and it was nice to be surrounded by other students who were in the same position.”

“This trip was a perfect example of how this school allows for the research of different careers and possibilities for the future of its students, it was an amazing experience finding out about different universities, the courses they offer and much more!”


Blueprint for All

We were joined on Monday by Blueprint for All, a career-focused charity working with young people in schools across the nation. For their first session with us they worked with 25 Year 12 students, looking at interview skills and aspirational career choices for the future.

“Today's workshop really gave me an insight on the Blueprint for All foundation's goals. It allowed me to tap into a glimpse of the working world which I found extremely useful. My favourite part of the day would have been Dawn's speech about success & how we can achieve it, her talk opened my mind to new possibilities and career options I could pursue. It gave me a new idea on how I define success and how it can be influenced by both internal and external obstacles. It was also exciting to see somebody who works with Burna Boy in the flesh! I think the workshop's interactivity also gave it a nice edge as the exercises taught us how to be more prepared for professional environments such as interviews. I am really excited for the next workshop!”

“This session was very informative and motivating which I find useful in helping guide me to my future career. The interactive parts of the lesson helped me to build my social and communicative skills as well as discovering platforms and websites such as linked in which would help aid me in providing information on other careers etc. Overall, I believe more sessions would help open other aspects of pathways in which I could take.”