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Black Lives Matter (Primary)

Dear Parents and Carers
At Woodmansterne we strive to promote equality and celebrate diversity in all its forms. We feel it is important to make links available that address and reflect the ongoing events across the world in response to George Floyd’s death and support you in discussions you may be having with your children. We also feel it is important to stress that the resources shared below are not intended to be a home learning activity for your child to do alone. In school, we will discuss the events in a supportive way, led by the children’s questions. We are sharing these links because we are not currently able to have these discussions in the classroom with those in the Woodmansterne community who are learning from home at the moment. 

The following linked resources have been produced by Votesforschools and forwarded to us by Lambeth School services

Votesforschools Anti-Racism - KS2

Votesforschools - KS1 Standing Up

Votesforschools explain the content of their lessons:  

The lessons explore the impact of systemic racism & the changes the current Black Lives Matter protests hope to prompt. We focus primarily on the USA, particularly on the role of protesting, social media, and Government response. While these are serious themes, please rest assured we introduce students to them in an age-appropriate way. They will also be provided with ways that they can safely take a stand through our Call to Action, so we hope they feel empowered to make themselves heard.  

We are keen to stress that we too still have much to learn about the true extent of these issues but hope that we have provided voters with a good grounding in what is happening and why things need to change. 

While it may not be a subject that pupils have looked at in depth before, we believe it to be a necessary conversation. Whether it is in the classroom or at home, we hope that the topic will prompt interesting, insightful, and impassioned discussion.  

Here are some links to other helpful resources:
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