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Figuring out what you want to do once you leave school can be a daunting task. At Woodmansterne Sixth Form students are guided in exploring their options and deciding what is right for them. Students who wish to independently explore the many routes open to them may wish to look at the Career Pilot website to get an idea of what is out there:

Careerpilot : Get information : A Levels : Choosing your A Levels - what you need to consider



UCAS (University and Colleges Admissions Service) is the central organisation through which University applications are made. The UCAS website is also useful for exploring what and where you would like to study once you leave school:

What and where to study at a University, College or Conservatoire (ucas.com)

Each university will have specific entry requirements for each course. You can find out more about UCAS entry requirements here:

University Entry Requirements | UCAS

The subjects you study at school may not directly relate to the particular industries or disciplines you are heading towards, but school subjects provide a strong foundation for whatever you go on to do.

Click on the icons below to see what courses might be out there for you!







These days, it is not necessarily the case that the University path will land you the top jobs. Many students choose to go straight into their chosen industries. You may not command a large salary as an intern, but the experience you gain can be priceless. Find out more on the link below:

Should I Take An Internship? | Studential.com

Here are some fantastic internship opportunities that are currently out there:

Internships | TARGETjobs

Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing an internship, and make sure that you seek advice before committing towards this pathway.




Intermediate, advanced higher and degree apprenticeships combine practical on-the-job skills training with off-the-job learning. You'll get training that is relevant to your job and be paid a salary.

You would normally spend 80% of your time on the job and the remaining 20% in college or training.

Become an apprentice (apprenticeships.gov.uk)

For some up-to-date guidance and support on this pathway, check out this interactive resource:

PDF-sixth-form-student-apprenticeship-activity-pack.pdf (ctfassets.net)

There are lots of sectors which offer apprenticeships. Check out the list below:



Remember… at Woodmansterne Sixth Form, we work towards helping you secure your next steps, whilst giving you the tools to propel yourself onto all future steps. Whatever you want to make of your future, we are here to help you!

Check out our Careers area on the website here for more general information or contact Siddiqa Chaudhry for any queries at schaudhry@woodmansterne.london.