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Parent Pay Term Dates


Year 11 and Year 13 Mock Timetable for November 2023 can be found below;-

Y11 here and Y13 here.   

Year 11 and Year 13 GCSE/GCE Timetable for Summer 2024 can be found below;-

Y11 here and Y13 here.   


It is important that pupils are aware of the exam information available from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ). Our exams office has produced a guidance booklet for pupils, parents and carers  here.  

 How to revise

Please see link here to the presentation from our GCSE ready evening given in October for advice and guidance regarding preparing for your exams.

Visit our Year 11 Revision Share site for guidance and resources from individual subject areas.

You can purchase revision packs for £3.50 to help pupils prepare for exams via ParentPay here. Each pack includes the following; revision cards (record cards) x 1 pack, whiteboard and board pens, lined paper x notebook, pencils, pens, highlighters and ruler, post-it notes and a zipped wallet.


We also have Maths revision packs available to purchase via parent pay as well. 

Corbett Revision cards: £7.49
5aday Numeracy booklet: £5.99

(January – June) with answers at the back

Available for both Higher and Foundation from ParentPay here.

How about trying the final countdown challenge?. A prize to the first pupil to bring a written solution to Ms Nassor each week.

 Candidate information and school policies

For exam related policies please see our school's policy page here.

The JCQ website has important information for candidates and all documents can be found here. 

JCQ - Preparing to sit your exams

JCQ Information to candidates - social media

JCQ Information for candidates - written examinations

JCQ Information for candidates – non-examination assessments

JCQ Information for candidates- Coursework

JCQ Information for candidates- Privacy notice