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Tips on introducing your child to healthier foods  

  • Encourage kids to help with preparing the family meal, according to age. When they are cutting the vegetables, let them know where they come from and how they grow. 
  • Experiment with healthy food; frozen banana or melon chunks make a tasty alternative to ice cream or lollies and help children to see that healthy food does not have to be boring. 
  • Make sure that one meal a day is taken as a family and eat healthily so that younger children have a good example presented to them. 
  • Introduce new foods gently…little by little. Let children know that it takes a lot of little ‘tries’ (about 17!) before a new food ‘tastes nice’ (especially if the food does not contain much sugar).
  • Take care about the messages children are getting when they watch T.V. Talk to them about the foods and drinks they see advertised.

 For more guidance and easy recipes follow the link below: