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Knowledge Organisers KS4

At Woodmansterne we support pupils by providing them with Knowledge Organisers each half term. These documents provide an overview of the knowledge and skills required to succeed in each subject area. We encourage pupils to refer to their Knowledge Organisers regularly in lessons and to use them when working at home to 'self-quiz.

For details of our PSHE curriculum please click here.

Year 10

Year 11

Autumn 1

ADT- Intro into drawing

ADT- Self Portrait

3D Design-  Design & Environment- Flatpack furniture

English-Jane Eyre

Maths-Solving Quadratic equations

Maths- Algebra

Maths- Trigonometry and Algebra

Maths- Two way Table Frequency

Maths- Two way Table best Buy and Exchange rates 

Geography- Global Development

PE Core- Invasion


PE GCSE- Body Systems

Drama- Knowledge Organiser

French-Sentence Builder

Spanish- Sentence Builder

Music- Music Vocabulary

Business- Unit 1

Business- Unit 5

Economics- Unit 1

Computing- Paper 1

History- Western front 

Science- Atomic Structure

Science- Infection and Response

Science- Chemical Change

Science- Energy Changes

ADT- Structures


Maths- Congruence, Similarity and Higher trig

Maths- Functions

Maths-Further Algebra

Maths- Quadratics

Maths- Inequalities

Maths- Statistics

Maths- Vectors

Geography- Weather Hazards

PE- Invasion


PE GCSE- Body systems

Drama- Knowledge organiser

French- Sentence Builder

Music- Music Vocabulary

Computing- Paper 2

History- Vietnam

Science- Ecology

Science- Chemical analysis

Science- Waves


Autumn 2

ADT- Intro into drawing

ADT- Self Portrait

3D Design- Design & Environment- Flatpack furniture

English- AQA paper 1

Maths-Sequences, Bearings, Pythag, Trig, Rec Decimals

Maths- Trig, Pythag, Sequences

Maths- Inequalities and Linear Graphs

Maths- Sequences

Maths- Algebra Foundation, Algebra Crossover

Maths- Sequences

Geography- Global Development

PE CoreInvasion



Drama- Term 2

French- Sentence Builder

Spanish- Sentence Builder

MusicMusic Vocabulary

Business- Unit 1

Economics- Unit 2

Computing- Computer Systems paper 1

History- Anglo Saxon

Science- Atomic Structure

Science- Infection and Response

Science- Chemical Change

Science- Energy Changes

ADT- Structures

English- Literature & Language

Maths- GCSE Specifications

Maths- Revision Crossover

Maths- Revision Foundation

Maths- Revision Higher

Maths- Direct and Inverse proportions, compound measures and functions

Geography- Weather Hazards

PE- Invasion




French- Social Issues 

Music- Music Vocabulary

Computing- Paper 2

IT (Cambridge National)- L01
IT (Cambridge National)- L03
IT (Cambridge National)- L04
IT (Cambridge National)- L06

History- Vietnam

Science- Ecology

Science- Chemical analysis

Science- Waves


Spring 1

ADT- Organic Ceramic 

3D Design- Design & Environment- Flatpack furniture

English- The Merchant of Venice

Maths- Set 1 (Mr Wyatt)

Maths- Set 2  (Mr McNab)

Maths- Set 3 (Ms Omar)

Maths- Set 4 (Ms Nassor)

Maths-  Set 5 (Mr Hossain)

Maths- Set 6 (Ms Abdullah)

Geography- Changing Cities

PE Core- Invasion


PE GCSE- Body Systems

Drama- Term 3



MusicMusic Vocabulary

Business- Human Resources

Economics- Unit 2

Computing- Computer Systems Paper 1

History- Anglo Saxon

Science- Rate and Extent

Science- Quantitative Chemistry 

Science- Homeostasis and Response

Science- Forces



Art, Craft and Design- External Assignment

English- Literature & Language

Maths- GCSE Specifications

Maths- Revision Crossover

Maths- Revision Foundation

Maths- Revision Higher

Maths- Direct and Inverse proportions, compound measures and functions

Geography- Field Work

PE- Invasion


PE GCSE- Body systems

Drama- Term 3

French- Ma Ville

Music- Music Vocabulary

Computing- Computational Thinking Paper 2

IT (Cambridge National)L01
IT (Cambridge National)- L03
IT (Cambridge National)- L04
IT (Cambridge National)- L06

History- Vietnam

Science- Atmosphere

Science- Using Resources foundation

Science- Using Resources Higher

Science- Space