Woodmanstern Primary

Parent Pay Term Dates

Knowledge Organisers

Year 12
Autumn 1

Art and Design A-Level
Business A-Level- Unit 1
Biology A-Level
Core Maths 
Chemistry A-Level- Foundations in Chemistry
Economics A-level- Unit 1

Economics A-level- Unit 9
English A-Level- The Handmaid's Tale
Further Maths A-Level
French A-Level
Geography A-Level- Coasts
Government and Politics A-Level- Constitution 
History A-Level- History 1

History- History 2
Maths A-Level- Algebraic Expressions

Maths A-Level- Equations and Inequalities

Maths A-Level- Math Quadratics
Psychology A-Level
Physics A-Level
Physical Education A-Level
Philosophy A-Level-
Islam- Sources

Philosophy A - Level- Islam- Beliefs
Sociology A-Level

Leiths Academy Level Three in professional cookery

BTEC Applied Science
BTEC Business- Unit 1
BTEC Vocational Computing