Woodmanstern Primary

Parent Pay Term Dates

Knowledge Organisers

Year 12 Year 13
Autumn 1

Business A-Level- Unit 1

Business A-Level- Unit 2

Business A-Level- Unit 3

Business A-Level- Unit 4

Business A-Level- Unit 5

Business A-Level- Unit 6
Biology A-Level- Biological Molecules

Biology A-Level- Cell Structure
Core Maths- Data
Chemistry A-Level- KO
Economics A-level- Unit 1

Economics A-level- Unit 2

Economics A-level- Unit 3

Economics A-level- Unit 4

Economics A-level- Unit 5

Economics A-level- Unit 9

Economics A-level- Unit 10

Economics A-level- Unit 11

English A-Level- The Handmaid's Tale

English A-Level- Othello
Further Maths A-Level- Matrices
French A-Level- Vocab 1

French A-Level- Vocab 2
Geography A-Level- Coasts

Geography A-Level- CUE
Government and Politics A-Level- Constitution
History- Colonial Policy

History- 1857- 1890
Maths A-Level- Expressions

Maths A-Level- Equations & Inequalities

Maths A-Level- Quadratics
Psychology A-Level -Social Influences

Psychology A-Level- Research Methods
Physics A-Level- Unit 2

Religious Studies A-Level-

Sociology A-Level- Education

Sociology A-Level- Research Methods

Sociology A-Level- Family

Leiths Academy Level Three in professional cookery- Knowledge organiser

BTEC Applied Science- Unit 2
BTEC Business- Unit 1
BTEC Business- Unit 8
BTEC Vocational Computing- LO1
BTEC Vocational Computing- LO2

BTEC Vocational Computing- LO3

BTEC Vocational Computing- LO4

BTEC Vocational Computing- LO5

Art and Design A-Level- Personal Investigation
Business A-Level- Unit 7
Biology A-Level- Biodiversity
Core Maths- Normal Distribution
Chemistry A-Level- Foundations

Chemistry A-Level- Analysis
Economics A-level- Unit 6

Economics A-level- Unit 7

Economics A-level- Unit 8

Economics A-level- Unit 12

Economics A-level- Unit 13
English A-Level- Persuasion
Further Maths A-Level- Differentiation
Further Maths A-Level- Hooke's law

French A-Level- Vocab
Geography A-Level- Water & Carbon
Government and Politics A-Level- Constitution & Federalism

Government and Politics A-Level- US Presidents
History A-Level-  The Nazi Dictatorship

History A-Level- Expansion & Retraction
Maths A-Level- Algebraic Methods

Maths A-Level- Functions and Graphs

Maths A-Level- Vectors
Psychology A-Level - Research Methods
Physics A-Level- Capacitor

Physics A-Level- Thermal 

Physical Education A-Level- Energy for exercise and Energy systems (fatigue and recovery).

Physical Education A-Level- Information processing and memory models 2

Religious Studies A-Level-

Sociology A-Level- Crime and Deviance

Sociology A-Level- Media

Sociology A-Level- Theories and Methods 

Leiths Academy Level Three in professional cookery-Knowledge organiser

BTEC Applied Science- Unit 9
BTEC Business- Unit 2
BTEC Vocational Computing- Key terms