Woodmanstern Primary

Parent Pay Term Dates

Office and Premises staff



Office and HR Manager

Sarah Wells - Pitchley

Admin Officer 

Andrew Tate

Admin Officer and Admissions

Rachel Collumbell

Admin Officer 

Lois Butcher 

Safeguarding Administrator (and LSA) 

Aine Donegan 

Attendance Officer 

Estelle Mangroo 

Attendance Officer 

Carla Stephens 

Exams Officer

Rachael Ndille

Receptionist (Primary) 

Lucy Palmer 

Receptionist (Secondary) 

Stephanie Williams 

Communications, Recruitment and Resources Officer

Emma-Louise King 

Finance Assistant 

Lin Lai 

Premises Manager 

Andrew Wilson

Deputy Premises Manager 

Harold Barnett

Premises Assistant 

Fabio Morales Ortiz

ICT Infrastructure Manager 

John Porter 

IT Technician

Alexey Shumay