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Premium Funding 2023/24

The aim of Pupil Premium Funding is to support the identification and implementation of strategies that help to increase social mobility and reduce the attainment gap between the most and least disadvantaged pupils, on a national scale. Our intention, at Woodmansterne, is to do so by ensuring all pupils, irrespective of their background or the challenges they face, make good academic progress, experience a variety of enrichment activities and are inspired to be their very best version of themselves.

The key principles for our strategy plan draw on evidence, research, and knowledge of our pupils to allocate funding to activities that are most likely to maximize progress. The barriers and challenges faced by recipients of the pupil premium grant are complex and varied- there is no single difficulty faced by all, therefore, high-quality teaching is at the centre of our ‘Woody’ approach.  

To find out how we intend to spend and evaluate our Pupil Premium Grants please see the links below.

2023/24 Pupil Premium Strategy Statement

The sports premium is used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils and to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. Please see below for details on how our sports premium funding has been used, and the impact this has had.

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