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PSHE at Woodmansterne

Our aim for PSHE at Woodmansterne is to empower young people to be up-standing citizens of their community. Our PSHE programme is designed to give our pupils a broad understanding of the outside world by helping them to be inclusive and knowledgeable of themselves and others, giving them the life skills to mature and flourish as young people. 

You may be aware that the government has launched a refined set of statutory requirements for PSHE Education in schools. Much of the content is covered in our wider curriculum, however we will also teach explicit units to students in form time. The tutor, as the adult who knows our students best, will therefore deliver the vast majority of learning.

To help ensure that our PSHE curriculum is robust and relevant to our students, we have invested in a widely used PSHE package called ‘Jigsaw’ for KS3. Additionally, for KS4 we use Chameleon PDE resources and Sixth Form use the PRESS program - this allows us to build a PSHE curriculum from Year 7 to Year 13.

Many of the units of work we cover in PSHE cover our statutory requirements for RSE (Relationship and Sex Education). Rather than teaching explicit units about these topics our approach, in line with many schools, is to teach relevant content contextually rather than as singular lessons on sensitive subjects. Therefore, while some units will lend themselves more explicitly towards conversations around changes in relationships and the body, we ensure that all components of RSE are taught in conjunction with key learning around moral decision-making, healthy living and the law.

For certain topics we will continue to look towards external expertise to support our delivery and we regularly invite specialists to deliver drop-down days and talks to our pupils. We have a close relationship with charities such as Brook, St. Giles Trust, Future Fronteers, LetMeKnow, JustLikeUs, Equaliteach and The Met Police. 

In addition, during form time students are connected with current affairs topics to help equip them with the vital skills needed to make sense of the world around them. 

Please view links at the bottom of the page for useful websites supporting pupils and parents with topics covered in PSHE

Through the links below you'll find topic overviews per year group and statutory guidance around PSHE and RSE. You may also contact me through the school office should you wish to discuss any of the content taught to your child in PSHE.

Annabel Glaysher - PSHE Co-Ordinator 


Chameleon Yearly Scheme of Work
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 Friends of Woodmansterne

 MK-Let Me Know                                                                                                                                                      

MK - Let Me Know (www.justletmeknow.org) is an education charity, working with young people to teach them the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviours, so that they can avoid abuse and thrive in their relationships. We offer free workshops to schools, charities, youth groups and community organisations that form a prevention programme where young people are taught to spot and stop unhealthy relationship behaviours in themselves and others, using the 10 Signs framework (www.justletmeknow/10-signs).  Established 3 years ago, LMK has so far worked with 9,000 young people, across 19 London boroughs in collaboration with over 100 partner organisations.





Brook is a national charity supporting people with their sexual health and wellbeing. We offer a range of services to support our mission of helping people to live healthier lives. Excellent sexual health, mental health and wellbeing is a right. Brook exists to fight for that right and we demand better, especially for young people. We challenge stigma, amplify voices and provide lifelong support that meets the diverse needs of our communities. 

All young people have the right to high quality, inclusive relationships and sex education. Brook’s specialist educators work directly with young people, teachers, parents and carers to keep everyone safe and healthy. We offer a range of face-to-face and online RSE training programmes for teachers, sessions for young people, and we support schools to develop effective plans and policies.  

Our specialists have delivered topics such as healthy relationships, consent, online safety, risk taking behaviour and an overview of sexual health services available to Woodmansterne students locally. If you would like more information about Brook or support and/or advice for a young person you know, please visit www.brook.org.uk.