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volunteering at Woodmansterne 

Family and community volunteers 
We are proud of our volunteer team at Woodmansterne and welcome applications. If you have any time available and are interested in volunteering at Woodmansterne, please email placements@woodmansterne.london You will be contacted with an application form.  

We are committed to supporting and developing those interested in a career in education. We currently host several NVQ, student and work experience placements. If you are interested in applying for a placement with us, please email placements@woodmansterne.london You will be contacted with an application form and asked to provide as much detail about the placement requirements as possible. 

In line with our commitment to safer recruitment practices, all applicants for volunteering and placements at Woodmansterne will be required to give details of referees and, if a place is accepted, will receive a safeguarding induction.