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School Meals

At Woodmansterne we are very fortunate to have our lunchtime meals cooked fresh in house every day. The team at Woody are passionate about cooking fresh, nutrious and exciting meals, using high quality fresh ingredients.
Our commitment is to cook food that is both appetising and nutritious; making the dining hall a welcoming place; keeping queues down; allowing children to eat with their friends; and getting them interested and excited about cooking and growing food.

Primary school children in state-funded schools in London will get free school meals for the 2023/24 school year. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is providing the funding as an emergency cost of living support measure. 

Our school lunch video is ready to view: What do our children think of our school lunches. Click on the link to find out.   

With the introduction of universal free schools meals in 2021 we began to provide a free school lunch for all Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils. From September 2023 all pupils from Nursery to Y6 will be provided will a free school meal and we will no longer offer a packed lunch option.

We believe this is a great opportunity to utilise this new funding and get our children eating balanced and nutritious meals across the primary phase.

The chefs meticulously plan our menus each term in accordance to seasonality and government nutritional guidelines. We design around the ‘Eatwell plate’ which addresses the correct amount of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, dairy and essential fats and sugars people should have and apply this to different age groups.

We believe it’s really important to give children a lifelong interest in food and the endless joy it can bring. We encourage this by introducing them to new flavours and ingredients. The children now regularly enjoy salad harvested from our edible garden, daily fresh bread, olives and other anti pasti, beetroot ketchup and a host of other homemade condiments, pickles and preserves made inhouse, exciting dishes from around the world like noodles and jollof rice. We keep deep frying down to one day a fortnight and make up big batches of seasonal salads every day with homemade dressings.

You can follow the chefs on Twitter @woodychefs where they post regular kitchen updates.


Payment is to be made through ParentPay. You will need to pay in advance for your child's school lunches. If you keep on forgetting to pay for your child’s lunch why not pay for the term or on a weekly basis.  Payments made on a weekly basis must be made on or before Monday.

The cost of school meals for Summer 2 (3 June 2024 - 23 July 2024)

Primary School

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced that from September 2023, all London’s primary school children from Reception to
Year 6, will be eligible for Free School Meals. We have therefore decided to provide all our Nursery children with a free school meal as well.

Secondary School (Y7-13)

Daily: Morning Snack £1.00, Main meal £2.45. These are individuals price.
Weekly: Lunch only £12.25, Morning Snack & lunch £17.25
1/2 Termly: Lunch only £12.25, Morning Snack & lunch £125.20

If there are any outstanding balances on your child's ParentPay lunch account, please arrange to make a payment as soon as possible to bring your child's account up to date, school meals needs to be paid in advance.

There are water fountains around both buildings (as well as water machines in secondary) water jugs are available at lunch time.  We recommend that water bottles are bought to school and topped up at the fountains and machines.  

Please make the school aware if your child has special dietary needs or suffers from any food allergies. If there is no medical or religious reason why your child should not eat a certain food, we always encourage them to try everything as having a school meal every day is important for their social skills and to introduce them to new foods and healthy eating.

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