Woodmanstern Primary

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Peer Mediators

The Woody peer mediators are invaluable, they volunteer their own playtimes to help and support their peers to have a happy playtime. The peer mediators support children at Woodmansterne to resolve conflicts, offer advice and support and help to deal with any issues they may not want to bring to an adult. The peer mediators go through a robust selection process and extensive and regular training to ensure that they are confident in their role and to give them the skills they need to be confident peer mediators. They are trained in a variety of situations so that they know exactly what to do and when to approach an adult for extra help.

Our peer mediators not only support their peers but they also support the staff to help resolve children’s conflicts. This may be through encouraging positive play, helping children who are having friendships problems to play together or initiating games and activities to help support positive playtimes.

The peer mediators are fantastic at keeping an eye on children who find playtimes a bit lonely and work to get them involved in activities and help them to build their confidence and friendships. Woody peer mediators are well known to the children and are very approachable. Children of all ages feel confident in approaching them or talking to them if approached and are confident to share their anxieties, worries or concerns. Our peer mediators are quick to highlight to staff any children that they are worried about or children that have had regular peer mediation sessions.

Our peer mediators know the important role they play at Woodmansterne, they are aware of the benefits to their peers but also to themselves. They tell us that they have learnt many skills (communication - written and verbal, cooperation, responsibility) and have grown in confidence and self esteem themselves.

We are very proud of our mediators and the amazing work they do at Woodmansterne, especially as this requires them to volunteer their own playtimes to help others.