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Post 16 Courses

Since 2016 schools and colleges have been teaching reformed A-Levels which were phased in over time. All our A Level courses are now reformed and are shown in the first section of the Prospectus. Level 3 BTEC course information booklets can also be found here.

What is a reformed qualification?

Reformed A level qualifications are a two year, Linear A Level course. This means the whole course is assessed in Year 13. AS qualifications are available, and the content may be compatible and coteachable with the first year of the A Level course, but if AS examinations are taken, they are known as Stand Alone Qualifications because they do not contribute any marks to the final A Level grade.

Will I be required to sit AS in a reformed qualification in summer 2023?

No. An AS qualification does give an indicator of how well your learning is progressing, and it has value for Universities, Further Education and Employers however we encourage students to adopt the 2-year learning programme to ensure a depth of learning and to maximise future opportunities. In any particular subject, students must pass the examinations in Year 12 to demonstrate that they will be able to cope with the more demanding work in that subject in Year 13. Your progress will be monitored very closely and the School reserves the right to withdraw a student from a course or exam should it feel that such a decision best serves the needs of the student.

The minimum entry requirements for Advanced Level courses are 5 full GCSE grades at 4 to 9 in separate subjects, including English Language and Maths. Any vocational qualification must be passed at a minimum of Merit for entry to Level 3 courses.

How many subjects will I study?

Students will usually take 3 Level 3 subjects. This is, nationally, the standard number of reformed subjects studied.

Students who would like to take a fourth subject must have achieved an Average Points Score (APS) of 6.5 or over in their best 8 GCSEs. Those achieving a 7 or higher in most of their GCSEs may be permitted to take 4 Level 3 subjects, depending on the student’s potential and the nature and combination of the chosen subjects; decisions will be made by the School on an individual basis. Students are permitted to take a mix of A Levels and L3 BTEC courses.

Where courses are oversubscribed, preference will be given to students who meet the subject entry requirements, and who chose the subject at their Course Selection and Guidance Meeting; and then to students with grade 6 or above in that subject or a closely related one, as listed overleaf in the subject specific entry requirements.

Notes on equivalence:

  • GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature count as two subjects.
  • GCSE Combined Science counts as two subjects.
  • Any vocational qualification must be passed at a minimum of Merit for entry to A Level courses.