Woodmanstern Primary

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How will we support your child with identified SEND starting at school?

  1. If your child has been allocated a place in our school by the local authority and they have a SEND, please contact us as soon as you are offered the place as we may not have details of their needs at this stage

  2. We will invite you to visit the school with your child to have a look around and meet the SENCo

  3. If other professionals or outside agencies are involved in supporting your child, a Multi-Agency Team (MAT) meeting will be held to discuss your child’s needs. We will share strategies that are used, and ensure provision is put in place before your child starts school

  4. The SENCo will make a home visit with the class teacher

  5. The SENCo will visit the current setting your child attends if applicable

  6. We may suggest adaptations to the transition period to help your child to settle more easily, but these will be agreed with you at the MAT meeting

  7. The staff will closely monitor the progress the child makes and discuss this with you