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Woodmansterne SEND TEAM

If you have any concerns about your child or children, please talk initially to your class teacher. To make an appointment to speak with  Mrs Di Luzio or Ms Graham our school Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinators (SENDCo) Madhavi Naibagkar (assistant SENDCo)  please contact the school office on: office@woodmansterne.london.


Support and advice for parents/carers 

Parent information for children and young people's Mental Health & Wellbeing support.
Kooth Help and support
How to support talk to your child about their feelings

Lambeth’s Local Offer: This website outlines the many services that are available in Lambeth for families of children with SEND. http://www.younglambeth.org/local-offer/landing-pages/schools-and-education-5-16.html

Information, Advise & Support Service (Previously known as Parent Partnership): is a service offering information, advice and support to parents/carers of children and young people with Special Educational Needs http://www.iassnetwork.org.uk/find-your-iass/london/lambeth/  

Lambeth Autism Group: A local branch of the National Autistic Society (NAS) which provide a wealth of support, advice and information on local autism-friendly events http://lambethandsouthwarkmind.org.uk/directory/lambeth-autism-group-national-autistic-society-lambeth-branch/

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