Woodmanstern Primary

Woodmansterne's School Improvement Priorities 2017 - 20

Outcomes for Children:
To ensure all children make at least expected progress from their starting points and the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged and targeted groups is closed.

Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment:

  1. To achieve consistency of Quality First Teaching and an all-through learning culture that delivers engaging learning experiences and enrichment opportunities for all.
  2. To ensure our curriculum is engaging, challenging and relevant, with assessment that is rigorous and effective in enabling pupils to progress.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare:

  1. To review our rigorous approach to safeguarding with a focus on e-safety and British values and in response to the developing school buildings and grounds.
  2. To develop our environment and improve the well-being of all stakeholders.

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management:
To foster expertise and resilience in all leaders enabling them to drive high expectations for all, through their initiative, ambition and creativity.

Target Outcomes for Children:
EYFS:   78% GLD
Year 1 Phonics: 90%
Year 2 Phonics re-sit: 70%

KS1 reading: 82% expected or above     17% GD
KS1 writing:    78% expected or above     15% GD
KS1 maths:     85% expected or above     12% GD

KS2 reading:  84% expected standard or above           43% higher standard
KS2 writing:    88% expected standard or above           30% higher standard
KS2 maths:     90% expected standard or above           30% higher standard
KS1 and 2 targets are based on previous expected statutory data for that year group, with an increase in the percentage of children working at a higher level.

SIP: School Improvement Plan
RAG: Red, Amber, Green (to demonstrate progress)
SIA: School Improvement Advisor
CPD: Continued Professional Development
SGP: Sharing Good Practice
ASP: Analysing School Performance (replaced Raiseonline)
EWO: Educational Welfare Officer
PA: Persistent absentees
GLD: good level of development
GD: greater depth

External review in italics