Woodmanstern Primary

The Woodmansterne Houses

The House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of the school and aims to be an integral part of our school community.

House System Objectives:
Our aim is to provide every pupil in each house with the following:
• a sense of belonging within the school community
• opportunities to develop social, academic, physical and practical skills
• a sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom
• fun and excitement through competition
• opportunities for leadership
• an awareness of individual and collective responsibility

House Organisation
Pupils are assigned to one of the four houses (Falconbrook, Graveney, Wandle and Effra) on entrance to Reception; siblings become a member of the same house.
Each house is Ied by our ‘Heads of House’ and each member of staff is also attached to a house.
Each house has two elected Primary and Secondary ‘House Captains’ who will act as representatives for all the pupils in their house throughout the year by: helping co-ordinate house teams, organise activities, assemblies, fundraising events, competitions and representing their house at regular house meetings. 



Mrs Marshall

Our house colour is red– red which symbolises courage, strength and energy - Everything that we show, feel and are!
The best thing, especially as a newly appointed Head of House, is the welcome that I received from the Woody family, children and staff! Initially I was a little nervous when I was announced as Head of House in primary and secondary assemblies, but it was only when I noticed children that I'd previously worked with from nursery age that were now sitting in our secondary assembly and their siblings in primary, cheering and applauding as they were told I would lead Falconbrook it was actually breath-taking. The best welcome and encouragement you could ask for!
Our House Captains are children that I've had the pleasure of working with over the years and who I'm confident will bring all the qualities and hardworking Woodmansterne ethos with them which will support them in their roles.
I am a higher level teaching assistant and have worked at Woodmanstene for over 20 years. It's fantastic how the school has transformed throughout the years and is still such a great place to work! I presently work with year 5 in the mornings and support children with speech and language difficulties in the afternoons as well as covering classes as needed. I also run interventions with pupils in primary and support lunchtimes with each year group.
Parents, carers and children will see me with a friendly, welcoming smile at the start and end of the day .


Ms Johnson

Effra’s house colour is blue, which symbolises wisdom, reality, peace and harmony. It’s also a very cool colour! 

I am so proud to be Head of House for Effra. I often wonder how and why we win so many competitions/titles? I believe we won the sports day competition twice in a row.  Oh yes, yes, we’re simply the best. Simple! 


About me,  I’ve been working in Woody for a very, very long time. I now work in the secondary school. I love it. I am a STA and also the tutor for 9A who are fantastic. I live locally and it’s the school community that puts a smile on my face when I’m out and about. I bump into many students/ families past and present. It’s great to see them and catch up. My ‘quick’ popping to the shops is scoffed at by my family. 

 I’m looking forward be it virtual, to working with staff, students, our super supportive families and our generous wider community. We work so well together. Simple! 

Stay safe. 


Mr McNab

The reason I wanted to be Head of House is to be able to lead Graveney to glory in all competitions and also to increase the amount of work that the school does with local charities. I value the importance of helping those that need it most and organisations that are pushing for positive social change.

Other than me being the Head of Graveney, the best thing about our house is the fact we are represented by the colour yellow. Yellow represents happiness, optimism and enlighten and is the most luminous of all colours in the spectrum. I want our whole house to reflect these features and shine brighter than the other houses.

I am a maths teacher in the secondary school and have only been working at the school since June this year. I hope that being Head of House will give me the opportunity to meet and speak to more students and staff. 

I want to work hard to create a real team spirit within Graveney and work as a team to become the best house in Woodmansterne.


Ms Mills

My name is Haley Mills, I am an STA and currently work in year 6 but I have been lucky enough to have worked throughout most primary year groups over the years that I've worked at Woodmansterne. I'm delighted and excited to be the new Head of House for Wandle! 

They are a fantastic house group! In fact, they are the best house group in the school. 

Wandle's House colour is green which not only is my favourite colour, but the colour green also symbolises nature, life, and energy, it is also associated with compassion and harmony. Great traits which are represented in the pupils of Wandle very well.

Finally, Wandle are clearly the best house group because not only do they have the best colour that represents them extremely well.

But they won the most house points last year! So, this officially makes them the leading house group at Woodmansterne School!