Woodmanstern Primary

Parent Pay Term Dates

Top Tips

If you are struggling with your child’s attendance, here are some tried and tested tips to ensure good school attendance for your child:

• Talk to your child about how important it is to attend school every day.
• Show an interest in what your child has learnt at school each day.
• If you think your child is trying to avoid school, try to find out why? Ask them, ask their friends, ask their teachers.
• Help your child to keep to routines, going to bed and getting up at set times, completing home learning on the day it is set.
• Unless unavoidable, please do not arrange medical or dental appointments during the school day.
• Encourage after-school extra curricular activities.
• Talk to your child’s teacher if you notice changes in behaviour.

Many parents are surprised at how quickly their child accumulates 17 days absence.